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Workmans Compensation: Seeing a Company Doctor

Workmans Compensation Cases in Missouri

When you are injured on the job or in a work-related accident, your employer will hopefully report your accident and injury to his workmans compensation insurance, which will send you to a doctor they select. We call such doctors “company doctors”. While these doctors may be highly skilled and competent, it is important to understand that the company doctors chosen to treat you by your employer or their workmans compensation insurance will almost never be your friend or on your side. They are chosen by them to be loyal to their economic interests in containing the costs of your medical treatment benefits, temporary off-work wage loss benefits, and at the end of all your treatment your possible money benefits for permanent disability. None of these workmans compensation benefits are guaranteed.

Such company doctors are chosen by your employer or their insurer with the clear expectation and understanding that their evaluations will minimize your injuries from the accident to find as little as possible wrong with you and release you to return to work (ready or not) as soon as possible with minimal restrictions. Then at the end of treatment, they will usually find you have suffered zero or a minimal amount of permanent disability to the body parts you injured. Do not expect them to be on your side. They will downplay the seriousness or extent of your injuries in order to save the workmans compensation insurance company money at every opportunity. As a result, workmans compensation insurance companies will always send workers injured on the job to a hand-picked group of doctors they know will save them money by favoring their interests.

While this situation may seem unfair, workmans compensation law gives them the right to choose your treating doctor. This control of medical treatment for workers injured on the job, added to the reluctance of employers to even report the injury to their workmans compensation insurance company, usually negatively affects the worker's attitude towards the whole workmens comp system because the law stacks things so heavily in the employer's favor. However, a workmans comp lawyer can help even the odds by having you take steps to protect and enforce your rights. He will at some point help you to unstack the deck by sending you out for a fairer and more accurate evaluation by a medical expert he chooses of the work injuries you suffered and the treatment you really needed but were denied and never received from the company doctors plus the full extent of your permanent disability that the company doctors denied, minimized, ignored or low-balled. To learn more and for a free consultation and review of your workers comp case, contact Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers Compensation Center today!

What Choices Do I Have For Doctors When Seeking Workmans Compensation Benefits

When you are injured at work, unless you are ready to pay for your medical expenses out of your own pocket, you almost always have no choice but to be treated by company doctors chosen for you by your employer or their workmans compensation insurance. In some cases, your employer or their workmans compensation insurance company will completely refuse to send you to any company doctors to evaluate and treat you for your work injuries because they believe that your injuries were not really caused by your work but instead by your pre-existing conditions.

At this point, your demand for workmans compensation benefits would have been denied. Based on this denial you could just give up any hopes of treatment and workmans compensation benefits. On the other hand, working closely with your lawyer you could use their flat denial of benefits to fight back by seeking out treatment on your own. You could seek out and be treated by doctors of your own choice and pay out of pocket (or see if your regular health insurance would cover and pick up the bill) for your treatment in the hope that you can receive compensation later on when your attorney wins your claim after a hard fought trial with a judge's order making them pay for the benefits they had wrongfully denied you.

St. Louis Workmans Compensation Attorney

In order to achieve this result, you must first have put your employer's workmans compensation insurance company on notice by sending them a letter demanding treatment for your injury and backing it up by having your attorney file a workmans comp claim with the state demanding your employer and their insurer pay for the treatment and all other benefits they had denied you. Otherwise you will lose the right to force them through a judge's order to pay for your benefits.

Whenever they deny your claim or refuse to pay any benefit to your satisfaction, you have no choice but to go to trial to get a judge's decision ordering them to pay. If you win this trial, you will then be able to force the workmans compensation insurance company to pay all of your medical bills to the doctors you chose because of their previous denial of your treatment after you put them on notice offering them a final opportunity to pay your benefits and choose your treating doctors. Since cases such as this can get complicated, it is absolutely essential for a worker injured on the job to have an attorney on your side to mount the legal fight for you and enforce your rights to all workmans comp benefits available to you under Missouri workmans compensation law.

Learn More About Workmans Compensation from St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center

When it comes to forcing your employer and their workmans compensation insurance to cover and pay your workmans compensation benefits beginning with medical treatment for your injuries, there is a lot of information to understand and facts and law to learn. This information can be confusing and difficult to understand. Therefore, it is important to have a good workers compensation lawyer fighting on your side standing right next to you who can work hard for you and fight to enforce your rights. Your attorney will do his best to make sure you are getting the medical attention that you need, the temporary off-work lost wages benefits you deserve paid at the correct weekly compensation rate, and the permanent disability money benefits you deserve and can prove you are legally entitled to but have no choice but to fight tooth and nail to win.

If you are located in or around the St. Louis area, contact attorney Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers Compensation Center today for a FREE consultation and review of your workers comp case. The St. Louis area includes not just St. Louis City and County but the surrounding eastern Missouri counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Jefferson and Franklin, plus the counties bordering them consisting of St. Genevieve, St. Francois, Washington, Gasconade and Pike Counties. Injured and cannot come to us? We can come to you within 100 Miles of The St. Louis Area.

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