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Getting the Best Workmans Comp Settlements and Awards

Workmans Comp Settlements in Missouri Cases

Workmans comp settlements are notoriously difficult to win because the insurance companies have teams of lawyers working hard on their side to keep you from getting the benefits you are entitled to. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will help you to present your case most effectively in order to get the best workmans comp settlements or win a trial before a judge if settlement negotiations with the insurance company do not produce a good enough settlement.

If you have been injured at work, it is important that you act quickly in order to achieve the best workmans comp settlements. The longer you delay, the harder it can be to receive the workmans comp settlements to which you are entitled. Attorney Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center can help, and will fight tirelessly for you. Contact us about your workers comp case today to learn how we can help. The best way for your workmans comp lawyer to get you a good negotiated settlement is to show the insurance company that you are well prepared for and will likely win a trial on all issues that you cannot resolve with them.

Our Previous Workmans Comp Settlements and Awards

Although it is important to understand that workmans comp settlements are not guaranteed, Tom Hyatt has been successful in getting the best settlements for those who were injured and ended up in court alone against insurance companies. The examples below give just some of the many workmans comp settlements and awards that we have obtained for clients. Please note that all cases are different and these results are not typical. Read our workers comp settlements disclaimer for more information.

Recent examples of workmans comp settlements and awards we have won for clients include:

  • A $200,000.00 settlement obtained for a client for permanent total disability. The client, a telephone system installation technician, injured his lower back lifting a desk to install a telephone system and had three failed back surgeries, making him unable ever to work again.
  • A $143,603.00 settlement negotiated for a client who ended up with a permanent disability over the workers life expectancy (27 years) for multiple disc herniations (back injury) that pressed against the nerves of his spine. This client also underwent a failed spinal fusion surgery.
  • A $40,467.00 award by a judge to a client who suffered a shoulder injury involving a rotator cuff tear. After a long trial before a workers compensation administrative law judge, and after being denied workmans comp by the insurance company's based on its orthopedic doctor's claim that the rotator cuff tear had not been work-related, we proved and convinced the judge that the client did indeed suffer the serious shoulder injury due to her work activities that later required shoulder reconstruction surgery.
  • A $52,290.00 settlement obtained for a client who suffered neck and lower back injuries in a motor vehicle accident while undergoing job training.
  • A $40,000.00 settlement obtained for a factory worker who suffered carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists, hands, and elbows while doing repetitive warehouse work.
  • A $39,391.00 settlement negotiated for a factory worker for a serious lower back injury. Along with a $19,765.00 settlement negotiated for a separate neck injury and a $22,768.00 settlement obtained for bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Additionally, a $60,000.00 settlement was negotiated with the Missouri Attorney General's office against the Missouri Second Injury Fund based upon the client's numerous injuries which combined with his lifelong disabilities to render the client unable ever to work again.

These are just some examples of the difficult cases that Tom Hyatt has fought and achieved great success in getting excellent negotiated workmans comp settlements from insurance companies or awards of benefits against insurance companies from workers compensation judges after hard fought trials. It should be noted that these workmans compensation settlements with insurance companies and trial awards by judges against insurance companies are examples based on the individual facts and weekly compensation rates of the cases and workers involved. Past results achieved for different clients afford no guarantee of future results and every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. You are not guaranteed the same results as these workmans comp settlements or judge's awards on cases that cannot settle. These settlements are exceptionally high because of the serious injuries sustained and the high weekly compensation rate of the injured workers, including in some cases inclusion of future medical benefits in the settlement or judge's award, and many other factors involved.

Workmans Comp Settlements | St. Louis Workers Comp Lawyer

These workmans compensation settlements are ONLY a representation of what is achievable with the right attorney working hard for you. Many factors contribute to your getting the negotiated settlement you deserve or a judge's award of workmans comp benefits after a contested trial. The better your case is and the more prepared you are to succeed at beating the insurance company defense attorney at a trial of your cased on all disputed issues, the better your chances will be of receiving a good workmans compensation settlement. Each case, and successful settlement or trial results in it, rest on their own facts unique to that case. We devote a lot of time and care to preparing each case for possible trial, which allows us to get the best workmans comp settlements from insurance companies without a trial, or if settlement negotiations fail to get us a good enough settlement, then the best award of benefits from a judge after a trial on all disputed benefit issues.

Please read our disclaimer regarding workmans comp settlements to learn more.

Contact Us to Get the Workmans Compensation Settlement or Award That You Deserve

If you have been hurt on the job, the last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to make ends meet while you are unable to work. Contact Tom Hyatt at the St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center today to review the facts of your case and discuss what type of workman's comp benefits are possible for your type of injury based on your earnings before your work injury. We offer services throughout the greater St. Louis area including in St. Louis City or County, St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Francois, Ste. Genevieve County, or any other county in eastern Missouri, and we can offer you a FREE consultation with no obligation. If you cannot come to us, we can come to you anywhere within 100 miles of St. Louis. Contact us to discuss your workers comp case today.

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