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Are You Eligible for Workman's Compensation?

Workman's Compensation Benefits in Missouri

If you have been seriously hurt or injured in an accident on the job or have developed a repetitive motion-caused disease such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Cubital Tunnel Syndrome from constant and repetitive work motions involving the arms or wrists, then you could be eligible for workman's compensation benefits. However, it is important to realize that your receiving workers compensation benefits for your work injury caused by an accident or repetitive motion disease is not automatic and in many cases employers and their workman's compensation insurance refuse to pay you the workers compensation benefits to which you should be entitled under the law because the facts are on your side.

Employers will sometimes ignore you if you are hurt on the job or even if they do offer medical treatment, it will be by a company doctor that may find little wrong with you and will often ignore some of your medical problems. These doctors are loyal to the workman's compensation insurance companies that they work for. On the other hand, if you choose your own treating doctors, you could be forced to pay the medical bills yourself. However, if your employer or their workman's comp insurance denies your claim and refuses to select a doctor to treat your work injuries, you could hire a workman's compensation lawyer to file your claim and then fight to force the insurance company to pay for medical treatment the insurance company denied you. This can involve a long fight, but it can be well worth it if you win your case in the end.

In order to ensure that you get the workman's compensation benefits that you deserve, it is important to understand all of your rights and the best way to fight the workman's comp insurance for medical treatment of your on the job injuries your employer or their workman's comp insurance has denied you . Do not let yourself fall victim to your employer or their workman's compensation insurance company's denial of medical treatment and money benefits on your valid claim to be compensated for your work-related injuries.

If you have been recently injured as part of your work activities and as a result believe you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, call Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center now. The longer you hesitate, the more difficult it will be to obtain the Missouri workman's compensation benefits that you really deserve, since your lawyer's fight to get them for you can be a long process. We can help you understand your rights and will fight tirelessly for you. Contact us for a FREE workers comp consultation and review of your case.

How to Find out If You Are Eligible for Workman's Compensation

If you have been injured on the job either at or away from your workplace, then the first thing that you need to do is to report the injury to your employer in writing as soon as possible. The next thing to do is seek legal counsel to review your case and determine whether you are eligible for workman's compensation benefits and should hire him to file your claim and fight to get you those benefits, whatever it takes.

St. Louis Workman's Compensation Benefits

There are several things to take into consideration when applying for workman's compensation that will determine eligibility and which benefits you may be entitled to. For example:

  • How Serious is Your Injury
  • What Medical Treatment do You Need
  • Will You Require Surgery
  • How Long will You be out of Work
  • Whether medical treatment improved your condition or made your injuries worse
  • Your permanently disabling physical problems and work restrictions
  • As well as Other Factors

Learn More About Workman's Compensation: Contact St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center

If you have been injured at work on the job, then you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies have claims adjusters, investigators, and workman's compensation lawyers working full-time behind the scenes against you and your best interests. Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center can provide skilled and experienced legal advice and aggressive, caring representation that will help you understand the laws of workman's compensation and fight to get you the medical evaluation, treatment, temporary lost wage benefits and permanent disability money benefits that workers comp law allows.

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