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A Guide to Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' Compensation Benefits Guide

If you have been hurt on the job either at your workplace or elsewhere, it is important that you understand the laws that apply and what to do in such a situation. Because our workers' compensation laws are difficult to understand and set up in such a way as to favor employers and their workers' compensation insurance companies, it is in your best interests to hire an attorney to handle the important legal issues you will face.

If the proper legal process of getting workers' compensation benefits is not followed, you could end up losing out on all of your workers' compensation benefits and end up paying all of your medical bills yourself and getting no medical treatment or money compensation. Do not let this happen to you! Do not try to fight your employer and their workers' compensation insurance company alone to try to get them to pay your medical treatment bills, temporary off-work lost pay benefits, and (at the end of your treatment) permanent disability money benefits! You need the power and leverage of the law applied.

Workers' compensation benefits were created to compensate your for medical treatment for your work injuries, lost pay, and permanent disability loss suffered.. It is important for you to hire and work with a qualified attorney who can apply and enforce the law to help you fight to get the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

If you have been injured at work and are requesting your benefits allowed under Missouri law for all your eastern Missouri and St. Louis workers compensation injuries, call Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center now. The longer you wait, the harder it will likely be to get the workers' compensation benefits to which you are legally entitled but often must fight to get the insurance company to pay. Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center can help you understand your right to benefits and will fight hard to get them for you.

Call today for a FREE no obligation consultation. Injured and not able to come to us? Not a problem, we will come to you within 100 miles of St. Louis. Contact us about your workers comp case today and find out how he can help you!

Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

The main types of workers' compensation benefits to which you may be legally entitled include:

Workers' Compensation Benefits in Missouri
  • Medical Treatment: Medical benefits that are available through workers compensation can cover any urgent care, hospital, medical experts, and medical expenses that are required to identify and treat a work related illness or injury. It can also include future medical benefits in either the workers compensation settlement agreed with the insurance company or workers' compensation judge's award after a contested trial so long as you can prove you will need medical treatment for sure at some point in the future.
  • Temporary Disability Pay: Temporary Total Disability benefits are intended to provide compensation and income to substitute for wages that are lost when you are totally unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness. Temporary Partial Disability workers' compensation benefits provide you compensation for lost wages when your work-related injuries or disease force you to work reduced hours or at reduced pay.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Money: Permanent Partial Disability benefits compensate you for partial disability loss of either the whole body (such as a back injury) or a part of the body (such as a shoulder, knee, hand or elbow). Employers and their workers compensation insurance will always fight you over how many weeks of permanent partial disability you should get paid for. They will always try to pay you for no weeks of permanent disability at all, or as few weeks of permanent disability as they can get away with. You have to fight them to get decent benefits at the highest compensation rate that your pay records will justify. To get a good settlement for permanent disability weeks your lawyer will have to present a good potential legal case to the insurance company for a winning trial before a judge, and if that does not work, then be prepared to take your case to trial before a state administrative judge. This all requires skill, persistence and a long fight.
  • Permanent Total Disability Money: Permanent Total Disability benefits are much rarer and harder to get and are reserved for those work-related injuries that render you unable to perform work of any type - not just your former job - in the open labor market. Employers and their workers' compensation insurance will always resist and try to avoid paying you permanent total disability workers' compensation benefits and will almost always make you fight tooth and nail for them. While you can occasionally get the insurance company to settle for and pay you permanent total disability money benefits, you will usually have to fight them for it and take your case to trial before a state administrative judge. This all requires skill, persistence and a long fight.
  • Disfigurement Money: You can get a relatively limited number of additional weeks of workers compensation benefits for permanent visible scaring of the head, neck, hands or arms, but not for any scarring, no matter how bad or ugly, below the neck and arms. The maximum number of disfigurement weeks of compensation you can get is 40.
  • Death: In some cases, the family members or dependents of someone who is fatally injured in a work related injury are entitled to receive death benefits as compensation for lost wages of the family provider who was killed as a result of a work injury.

Your right to and compensation for each of these types of workers' compensation benefits will vary based on your injuries. Thus it is important for you to consult with an attorney to determine which of the above benefits you might be entitled to under Missouri workers' compensation law and almost always will have to fight to get.

Workers' Compensation Benefits Are Not Automatic

If you have been injured at your workplace or elsewhere while working at your job, you will most likely have a right to some type of workers' compensation benefits. However, just having the legal right does not guarantee you will receive any of the benefits of medical treatment for your work injuries, temporary lost pay benefits while you are unable to work on account of your work-related injuries or disease, or money for permanent disability.

You might be offered some of these workers' compensation benefits, but they will almost never be as much as a hard-fighting attorney could get you by filing your claim and fighting the insurance company for the best possible benefits. Your legal rights to workers' compensation benefits are often never offered to you by your employer or their workers' compensation insurance, so you almost always must find an attorney to file a claim and legally enforce your rights to some or all benefits. Often your benefits can be very difficult to get.

Workers' Compensation Benefits | St. Louis Workers Comp

If you try to file a workers' compensation claim on your own, you can end up not receiving any medical treatment or receiving bad or inadequate treatment. You could end up being sent back to work by the company doctor way too soon without being fully treated for your injuries, receiving little or no temporary off-work wage loss benefits at too low a weekly compensation rate, no or minimal compensation benefits for permanent disability, or just being denied all benefits completely from the very beginning. You company might decide not to send to a doctor in the first place. Even where they do send you to a doctor the doctors they send you to will often find little or nothing wrong with you from the work accident, refuse to recommend essential tools (such as MRI's or CT scans or nerve conduction studies) to properly diagnose you, and will not recommend proper treatment such as surgery. Then in the end they will often release you too soon from treatment and rate you at little or no permanent disability in order to deny or reduce the money benefits the workers compensation insurance might have to pay you to compensate you for your permanent disability loss.

If you are faced with this situation, then you have no choice but to fight for the workers' compensation benefits to which you are potentially entitled but not guaranteed. Hiring a workers' compensation attorney is the best way to ensure that your rights will be protected and that you receive the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. He will work for a percentage of the permanent disability money compensation he fights to get for you.

Learn More About Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you have been hurt on the job in the course of your work and are seeking workers' compensation benefits beginning with treatment for you injuries, it is important to realize that insurance companies have teams of claims adjuster, investigators, and workmans comp lawyers working against you and trying to deny completely or minimize all your benefits. To get the aggressive legal representation and help you need in St. Louis and surrounding eastern Missouri areas including St. Louis City or County, St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Francois, and Ste. Genevieve County, contact attorney Tom Hyatt at St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center now for a free consultation and review of your workers comp case. If you cannot come to us and live within 100 miles of St. Louis, we will come to you.

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