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Workers Comp Attorney in Missouri

If you have suffered a serious injury on the job or at your workplace and need medical treatment for your injury, then it is important to hire a good workers comp attorney. The laws for getting workers comp benefits can be complicated and hard to understand, and you should not have to deal with learning the laws and fighting for your rights all alone on your own. That will get you nowhere against your employer and their insurance.

A workers comp attorney can help you fight to obtain the workers comp benefits, which you deserve. Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center can help you and will fight hard for your rights. If you were injured in the greater St. Louis area, the surrounding counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Franklin, Jefferson, or anywhere else in eastern Missouri, contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation. Injured and unable to come to us? Not a problem, we will come to you within 100 miles of St. Louis.

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We Only Get Paid If We Win Your Workers Comp Case

At St. Louis Workers Compensation Center, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means our fee is a percentage of the final workers comp settlement or judge's award that we recover for you on your permanent disability. You are not automatically entitled to any permanent disability benefit money at all. You must fight for it and we can help you force the workers comp insurance company to pay it.

Our percentage stays exactly the same regardless of when we start working on your workers comp case. However, we encourage you to hire attorney Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center as soon as possible after being injured so he can start working on your workers comp case right away and help you fight for the full level of compensation that he could help you prove you are entitled to. You need a hard-fighting attorney working on your case full time from the start.

What Will Happen After I Hire An Attorney For My Workers Comp Case?

Workers Comp Attorney in St. Louis

After you hire us to file and fight your workers compensation claim, we will keep in regular contact with you on all important aspects of your workers comp claim. We will closely follow every part of your case from the time of your workplace accident and initial treatment to your release from treatment, and finally to resolution of the question of how much money you should get for permanent disability either by compromise settlement or judge's decision. If you case goes to trial, we will prepare the necessary evidence and present your case in front of a worker comp judge so that you have the best possible chance to get from the judge a good, fair award of benefits.

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For more information on workers comp cases and the types of benefits to which you may be entitled under Missouri law, contact St. Louis-based attorney Tom Hyatt today. As an experienced and hard working workers comp attorney, Tom Hyatt can fight for you to help you get the best legal outcome in your case. Our initial consultation is FREE and no obligation, which means you have nothing to lose. He would be glad to represent you if you ever get seriously injured on the job or at your workplace in the greater St. Louis area, the surrounding counties of St. Charles, Lincoln, Franklin, Jefferson, and Warren, or anywhere in eastern Missouri. If you can't come to us because of your injuries or if you are in a clinic or hospital recovering, we will come to you within 100 miles of the St. Louis Area.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality legal services for our clients injured on the job. We forcefully use the power of Missouri law to help them fight to equalize all the unfair advantages the law gives employers and insurers. The law enables them to easily deny or minimize your medical treatment, lost pay and permanent disability money it only potentially gives you by placing on you the burden of proving your right to all denied benefits.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

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