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Disclaimer for Our Workers Comp Settlements or Awards & Examples

Factors Affecting Your Workers Comp Settlements or Awards

Workers Comp Settlements & Awards in Missouri

It is important to note that attorney Tom Hyatt of the St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center was able to achieve the previously mentioned workers comp settlements for each one of the workers who were injured on the job because of a number of factors. For example, all of these clients received very high weekly gross wages before sustaining their injuries. Workers who earned less money before suffering serious accidents, traumatic injuries, or developing work related diseases will likely get workmans comp settlements or be awarded benefits by a judge after a trial that are considerably lower even for the same number of permanent disability weeks. Your total permanent disability benefit weeks are calculated by multiplying them times your weekly compensation rate that is based on what you earned before your injury.

Extent of Your Injuries

Another factor affecting workers comp settlements is the extent of the injuries suffered. A worker who was injured on the job and who does not require surgery will get a much lower settlement for their permanent disabilities than a worker who does require surgery for their injuries. Some of the aforementioned workers comp settlements were also higher due to surgeries that were unsuccessful and thus left the injured person with a higher percentage of permanent disability because the treatment ended up making their injuries even worse.

St. Louis Workers Comp Settlements

Workers who suffer more severe injuries, injuries requiring surgeries, and failed surgeries will likely receive higher negotiated workers comp settlements or awards of benefits from judges than those who only receive limited or very successful medical treatment. Your workers comp settlement or the benefits a judge awards you after a trial depend on the nature and extent of your injuries, the medical treatment you need and receive, whether you required one or more surgeries and whether these surgeries succeeded in improving your injuries or failed to, thus resulting in a higher percentage of permanent disability. Even more importantly, the benefits you receive in a negotiated settlement with the insurance company or from a judge after a contested trial depend on whether you hire an workers compensation lawyer and the skill of the attorney in presenting your case to achieve a good settlement or win a good award from a workers compensation judge after a trial on all benefit issues you are disputing and cannot settle with the insurance company.

Ability to Work

Another factor that affects the outcome of workers comp settlements is a person's ability to return to work. If we can prove that due to his job related injuries an injured worker suffered permanent physical work limitations or restrictions even though he is still able to do some but more limited kinds of work, that worker can qualify for permanent partial disability benefits in a lump sum of money based on the provable nature and percentage extent of his disability to the body parts injured in the work accident. In more extreme injury cases if we can prove that the injured worker can no longer work at any job due to the job related injuries he suffered, he can qualify for total permanent disability benefits.

The injured employee has the legal burden to prove the nature and percentage extent of permanent disability, either by reaching a negotiated settlement with his employer's workmans comp insurance company or, if no acceptable settlement can be agreed with the insurance company, then based upon what a workers compensation judge awards the injured worker after a contested trial against the insurance company attorney. Without a good attorney to represent him in this fight for a good fair voluntary settlement with the insurance company or a good award from a judge after a trial, the worker injured on the job has little or no chance of receiving fair compensation given the built in legal advantages the law gives to employers and insurers. Injured workers who we can prove are partially disabled, though still capable of performing some work within work limitations, can receive money for permanent partial disability compensation. However, better workers comp settlements will always be achieved the better prepared your attorney is to proceed to present your evidence and testimony to a judge at a trial if no acceptable settlement can be reached with the insurance company on any given benefit issue. it is always best to be ready to fight your case to a trial whenever the insurance company tries to deny or underpay you any benefit.

Workers Comp Settlements: What Is and Is Not Promised

Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center promises to fight to get you the best possible workers comp settlements from the insurance company or award from a judge after a contested trial for your particular work-related injury or injuries by preparing the strongest possible case to present for you to the insurance company for settlement or to a judge at trial should settlement negotiations fail to get you what you deserve. However, not all cases will win. Some tough cases lose because workers' compensation judges are often conservative former workers' compensation defense attorneys themselves. Sometimes they refuse to believe the injured worker's story of how and how seriously he was injured and chose to believe the company-selected doctors over the injured worker's own experts. That is why you need a skilled, hard-working attorney to fight for you, since it always gives you a better chance of winning your case either through good fair workers comp settlements or after a fought out trial by a judge.

Workers Comp Settlements & Awards in St. Louis Cases

What Tom Hyatt of St. Louis Workers' Compensation Center can promise you after he files your claim is that he will aggressively fight to prepare your case in the most expert and professional way possible to achieve the best possible workers comp settlements with the insurance company, or if the insurance company refuses to fairly pay your benefits, then prepare to present your case at a workmans comp trial before a judge. If you and the insurance company cannot agree on a settlement of all unresolved and unsettled issues of medical treatment or of money compensation for temporary lost wage benefits and permanent disability benefits, you have no choice but to go to trial on these issues. Often cases settle at the last minute before or even during a trial before a workmans comp judge.

When a case goes to trial it is a simple fact that we will win some, and we will lose some, but Tom Hyatt will always fight as hard as possible to get you the benefits you deserve. Either side can appeal the judge's award or denial of workmans comp benefits, so the fight often goes on for a long time. You should also realize that very few workers' compensation claims will get the injured worker anywhere near $100,000.00 or even $50,000.00 for their permanent disability that were cited in the examples given. If you, the injured worker, make low wages or only work part time and yet have a severe injury that does not require surgery for your injuries, the Missouri workman's compensation legal system will by law offer you lower workers comp settlements even for the very same number of permanent disability weeks. However, you always have to fight for whatever benefits you can drag out of the insurance company just the same.

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